Custodian is Directed to Pay

The Alien Property Custodian is directed to pay …

Through the years many have claimed that we must lien the Birth Certificate and/or that we must perfect the title on the BC. The reality is that the BC has no value and is a Certificate of Authority establishing our standing. The Birth Certificate is prima facia evidence of the conveyance of our right, title and interest in the divine estate to the custodian. Our right, title and interest have been “Pledged” to the United States via FDR’s New Deal. Upon our birth into the world if mom fails/refuses to complete the application for Certificate of Live Birth, registering the birth and thereby voluntarily conveying our interest, the Custodian has the right to seize our right, title and interest under TWEA. One way or the other our right, tile and interest will be conveyed to the Custodian under the National Emergency and the War Powers.

The property held in trust by the Custodian on our behalf is not an identifiable piece of property and therefore cannot be extracted from their grasp. You cannot touch it, feel it or move it. It is our right, title and interest in the divine estate that they hold and that right, title and interest is ‘an undivided portion of the whole.’ The United States has an absolute right to administrate the portion of the whole that is known as America under an absolute grant from the Crown and Vatican who holds an absolute right to administrate the whole, via contract!

The United States has leveraged our right, title and interest in the divine estate in the form of our good faith & credit to fund the administration of America that was granted them. In so doing the United States earns interest which belongs to the American people for the use of our good faith & credit. TWEA states:

“The Alien Property Custodian is directed to pay to the person entitled thereto ….., the net income (including dividends, interest, annuities, and other earnings), accruing and collected thereafter, in respect of any money or property held in trust for such person by the Alien Property Custodian or by the Treasurer of the United States for the account of the Alien Property Custodian, under such rules and regulations as the President may prescribe.” 50 USC CH 53 sec 4320

TWEA defines a license as permission to do that which is otherwise illegal.

Under TWEA any/all trade with, for or on behalf of enemies or allies of enemies, [the American people] is illegal unless under license. Fortunately, those funds are already covered under a general license and can be used legally to trade with, for or on behalf of an enemy or ally of an enemy.

The benefits of this conveyance are many. In fact, the benefits are everything that we have been seeking for decades in the freedom movement. We have fought to extract ourselves and our property from the system for years without success as we have been fighting the mighty war machine and its ‘contract’ with the American people (the Pledge) as well as their contract with the Crown and Vatican who are operating under their own set of contracts.

There are several vital pieces to the puzzle to obtaining the release of the interest to us. The statutes demand that everything be in the form and contain the content expressly laid out by the President. I have found that upon receipt of the Notice of Claim, a conditions precedent, the Notice is sent to a department who inspects it for the proper form and content. If it fails at that point they must provide you notice of the deficiency.

If it passes the form and content test it goes on to the next department where they contact the Comptroller of the Currency to determine what is in the account. Your proof of claim is inspected to determine whether you have provided antiquate evidence to prove your right, title and interest in the property immediately prior to its conveyance to the custodian. They require a chain of title proving your claim. And finally a description and value of the property claimed.

The character of the claimant is next. Who is the claimant? Man or corporation? What is their citizenship and enemy status? One must establish themselves as a friend of the United States and not an enemy or ally of an enemy of the United States.

After all of that the claimant must provide argument that release of the funds/property is in the interest of the United States. This is the most ambiguous part of the entire process.

The claim receives a recommendation and is sent to the Director for final approval, denial and/or it can be set for administrative hearing. The Claimant can request a hearing that is handled much like a trial with briefs and arguments for and against the claim.

At any time the Claimant has a right to file a suit in equity to determine the right, title and interest in the property as well as citizenship and status. If the evidence, in equity, proves your claim the court must issue a decree ordering the release and return of the property.

Change of Perspective

We have for years argued that the United States was in dishonor and corrupt, but, that is not the case. The United States has honored our bonds and notes but then seized them under TWEA. When I opened my account with the Treasury and activated it at the bank it was immediately frozen. I spoke with the Federal Reserve Bank in Cleveland who informed me that it had been FROZEN. That was absolutely in compliance with TWEA. It was I who failed to properly file the Notice of Claim and status with the Custodian. I can now go back and claim that account in a proper form and gain the release and return of the account.

Man is so accustomed to pointing the finger at another to account for our failures. It is easier to say they are in dishonor rather than to take an honest look at our work to determine what we may have missed. Today I see that every detail is laid out for us in the codes and statutes and they have been there for years! We just could not see them. I have read TWEA a hundred times and today when I read it I see so many things that passed right by me as I did not have eyes to see. Until I was ready to receive it the data remained unseen while hiding right in front of my eyes.



One Global Estate

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Redemption of America is a Private, NOT A PUBLIC Transaction, therefore is a private membership site designed specifically for the execution of the Redemption of America. We provide you with the background research data as well as keys for successfully extracting yourself from the commercial matrix through the TWEA Gateway and a peaceful and abundant life in America after Redemption.                 Visit us NOW at