Although I and others have successfully discharged debts throughout the years none have been able to do so consistently. For me this was clear that we were still working in the realm of theory and had not yet perfected any effective process. For years I have operated under the belief that our failure to perfect a process was due to our failure to perfect our standing to access our private funds. Standing became the prevailing issue for me and the focus of my research for some time.

We understand that we have been labelled as enemies of the state and have attempted numerous methods to remedy that status. The foundation for the various methods of correcting our status seemed sound indeed but still had little effect on our day to day life and interaction with the world of commerce.

We have learned to operate more and more in the private, at arm’s length from commerce but even then, when push came to shove, the United States could and did effectively restrict our liberties. Our Declarations of Status were not accepted in the commercial courts and access to the courts of equity has been a complex process that even the well healed have had issue.

TWEA makes trade between PERSONS illegal and we know that each and every one of us has been made into a PERSON and labelled an enemy, thus any interaction between us is deemed an illegal act. But, TWEA provides for the issuance of a license that constitutes permission to do what is otherwise illegal.

I understand the cloud over the thought of having to be licensed to trade between ourselves but it seems that we all have a need in the world today to interact with commerce. Life without commerce is difficult and inconvenient at best.

So, what if our property, and that includes your body, is already covered under a license and all we need do is to claim that license and viola, we now have permission to do what is otherwise illegal? What if the benefits outweigh the negative connotations connected with obtaining a license? What if this license provided you standing to access your private funds to discharge all debt?

What if this license made it so that you could not be held liable in any court for or in respect to anything done or omitted in pursuance of any order, rule, or regulation made under the authority of TWEA. (Which is everything UNLESS there is a harmed party)!

This license provides us everything we have sought for ourselves through the years and more.

At One Global Estate we walk you through the process of obtaining such a license that provides you all that and more.

One Global Estate

Private Redemption Site

Having uncovered the TWEA statutory Gateway to Equity, we at have developed all the necessary documentation to fulfill the Conditions Precedent providing you standing to access the private set off funds and a comprehensive plan for the Redemption of America to include pre-screening and pre-processing valid claims for digital submission to Treasury and the Federal Reserve Banks on your behalf.

Redemption of America is a Private, NOT A PUBLIC Transaction, therefore is a private membership site designed specifically for the execution of the Redemption of America. We provide you with the background research data as well as keys for successfully extracting yourself from the commercial matrix through the TWEA Gateway and a peaceful and abundant life in America after Redemption.                 Visit us NOW at