Sole Relief & Remedy

The sole relief and remedy!

We effectively conveyed our right, title and interest in the divine estate to the custodian at birth in fulfillment of the Pledge in FDR’s 1933 New Deal as collateral for our good faith & credit upon which the United States operates. We have an absolute right of set off against these funds. An absolute right to discharge debt against this right, title and interest held by the custodian. Or more accurately, against the net income earned by the use of our good faith & credit.

TWEA Sec. 4307 states that: ‘The sole relief and remedy  of any person having any claim to any money or other property heretofore or hereafter conveyed, transferred, assigned, delivered, or paid over to the Alien Property Custodian, or required so to be, or seized by him shall be that provided by the terms of this chapter.’ This includes our private set off funds!

The sole relief and remedy! We effectively conveyed our right, title and interest in the divine estate to the custodian at birth, yet, we are labelled as enemies of the state therefore ALL of our CLAIMS fall under TWEA.

It is against public policy for any government or bank official to provide you the discharge and/or set off! It is against public policy to provide you access to your private funds for any purpose! It is against public policy to release payments to you based on a lien against the government or bank, UNLESS, immediately upon release the funds are seized and sent to the custodian. Any of these acts would constitute Treason!

We have failed to execute the required conditions precedent!  We are still labelled as enemies of the state and enemies have no right to state a claim! There is a prescribed process for correcting that mistaken identity, that mistaken status, yet we insist in making it work our way! In so doing we have failed to complete the required conditions precedents!

Given this, is the government and/or banks truly in default and dishonor? Or have we been demanding they commit treason? Have we been blaming them for our shortcomings?

We must step back a minute and take a closer look at our past cases, actions and processes in which we have decided that ‘they’ are in default and/or dishonor. Maybe, just maybe, we have been remiss in our filings and failed to seek the SOUL remedy that is available to us.

In 2009 I created and activated a Treasury account to facilitate the discharge of debt. The account was indeed activated and I gained access to $15,000 of the funds, but then all subsequent transactions were rejected. Sitting in the bank manager’s office we contacted the Federal Reserve Bank in Cleveland, Ohio to inquire as to the problem. They informed me that the account had been ‘frozen’ but would not provide me the WHY. He changed the reason several times as I offered a solution to each one leaving me in the dark as to why the account had been frozen.

Today, I understand why it was frozen! I had failed to fulfill the conditions precedents and thus was still considered an enemy, my funds subject to seizure by the custodian.

There is a statutory path into equity to correct the mistaken identity and status and establish ourselves as friends of the United States, thereby gaining STANDING and ACCESS to our private funds and our ability to discharge debt via set off.

One could argue that the prescribed process was hidden! I say it was hidden in plain sight and we failed to see it until we were truly ready for a remedy ….. truly ready for abundance and prosperity! The Universe will not, cannot provide us anything until we are vibrationally ready to manifest it.

Obviously, we had lessons to learn through the extended battle. We have been fighting to get ourselves out of the system, while, all the time the remedy was inside the system. We have preached unity while fighting to accomplish separation. Our words and actions have been in conflict with our intent. How can we possibly manifest our hearts desire in the midst of such internal conflict?

We must resolve this internal conflict as we move forward. If we do not there will be major consequences. It is the natural law and unavoidable!

One Global Estate

Private Redemption Site

Having uncovered the TWEA statutory Gateway to Equity, we at have developed all the necessary documentation to fulfill the Conditions Precedent providing you standing to access the private set off funds and a comprehensive plan for the Redemption of America to include pre-screening and pre-processing valid claims for digital submission to Treasury and the Federal Reserve Banks on your behalf.

Redemption of America is a Private, NOT A PUBLIC Transaction, therefore is a private membership site designed specifically for the execution of the Redemption of America. We provide you with the background research data as well as keys for successfully extracting yourself from the commercial matrix through the TWEA Gateway and a peaceful and abundant life in America after Redemption.                 Visit us NOW at