Election Of Benefits

Election of Benefits

FDR’s New Deal effectively conveyed the right, title and interest of the American people, in the land known as America, to the ‘Public Trust’, to collateralize the good, faith & credit of the people. The Secretary of the U.S. Treasury and the President of the U.S. are co-trustees over the property (our right, title & interest).

We, the American People, are both Grantees, having conveyed the value (legal title) to the trust, as well as beneficiaries of the trust. As beneficiaries we have options as to how we elect to receive our benefits.

One can collect their benefits via the PUBLIC or via the Private, it is entirely our choice. Our failure to make an election of benefits causes our account to DEFAULT to the PUBLIC wherein you not only collect your benefits via the Public Trust but you take on the liability under the codes and statutes as well.

Today, the American people collect their benefits via the PUBLIC, by DEFAULT, as the process for making the Election to collect your benefits via the Private has been hidden in plain sight for over 100 years. Unfortunately, we were not taught this in our schools or churches nor by our parents. Why? Because they did not know either!

Election to collect benefits via the Private takes the perfection of all titles and the completion of the Conditions Precedent set forth in TWEA, gaining standing to access the private benefits.

Election to take the benefits via the PUBLIC comes with limited benefits and a great deal of liability as the Trust will provide for your needs. An election to take the benefits in the Private provides you greater benefits and comes with a duty to be a good steward to Mother Earth, be accountable for your actions and competent to handle your own affairs. One must establish that they will not be a burden on the Public Trust. By making the election to take the benefits in the Private you ensure that you will no longer be a burden on the trust as the Trustee is instructed to discharge all debt and settle your account daily to maintain zero debt.

OneGlobalEstate.com has been established by Legal Registry LLC, a Limited Liability Corporation established in Washington, DC, as a Private Redemption Center to provide pre-screening of Claimants and pre-processing of claims. OneGlobalEstate.com provides the necessary research to make an intelligent decision concerning your election of benefits and creates the necessary documents to fulfill the Conditions Precedent gaining access to the Private Benefits.

One Global Estate

Private Redemption Site

Having uncovered the TWEA statutory Gateway to Equity, we at OneGlobalEstate.com have developed all the necessary documentation to fulfill the Conditions Precedent providing you standing to access the private set off funds and a comprehensive plan for the Redemption of America to include pre-screening and pre-processing valid claims for digital submission to Treasury and the Federal Reserve Banks on your behalf.

Redemption of America is a Private, NOT A PUBLIC Transaction, therefore OneGlobalEstate.com is a private membership site designed specifically for the execution of the Redemption of America. We provide you with the background research data as well as keys for successfully extracting yourself from the commercial matrix through the TWEA Gateway and a peaceful and abundant life in America after Redemption.                 Visit us NOW at  OneGlobalEstate.com