Managing The National Emergency

For 150 years the civil administration United States has managed the Good Faith & Credit of We The People from one national emergency into yet another more dire national emergency. The time has come to STOP managing the National Emergency and begin implementing a solution

Corporations are the legal fiction creations of man and remain subservient to man and man’s law. They are empowered by the powers and authorities granted them in their founding documents while being bound by the limitations expressed therein. A legal fiction can never legislate itself power and authority in excess of that granted it in its founding documents.

The municipal corporation named the United States of America and all of its many franchised States, Counties, Cities, etc. operate upon the good faith and credit of We the People. Therefore, We the People are the super creditors of the United States and the various States.

The United States and the various States create funds out of thin air against the credit of We the People. The United States and the various States leverage the projected future output of We the People and then they tax We the People for all costs and fees for the day to day operation of the ever-expanding civil administration and yet they cannot balance the budget nor provide a remedy for the long standing national emergency.

For over 150 years this civil administration has administrated the credit and property of the American people from one national emergency to another ever increasingly dire emergency.

TPTB have done a wonderful job of managing the national emergency, or emergencies.

With each new emergency the municipal corporations masquerading as a government legislated themselves more and more power and control over their creditors, We the People, while eliminating all restrictions, obligations and fiduciary duties to, We the People, their super creditors. Today, these municipal corporations enjoy nearly unlimited power and authority with virtually no restrictions or limitations whatsoever.

The national emergency gave the municipal corporations the ability to convert the super creditors into debtors and enemies of the State having no property nor private rights. The national emergency facilitated the ascension of the legal fiction corporation to the status equal to or greater than a person; equal to or greater than its creator, man and man’s law.

The national emergency has facilitated the transition of our republican form of government of civil servants charged with protecting the private rights and property of the super creditors, We the People, into the central power structure of a democracy whereby the Powers That Be wage war against the super creditors while operating at arm’s length and in limited liability.

One would think that an emergency, any emergency, should have a remedy, an end. The U.S. civil administration has managed the national emergency for 150 years and have yet to provide a remedy or bring the emergency to an end.

We live in a constant state of emergency. A constant state of conflict and dis-ease because for someone there is something to be gained in long term emergency management.

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