What Master Do You Serve?

Whoa be unto you who claim to be a Christian and at the same time a citizen of the United States; or a Citizen of Canada; Or a citizen of any other STATE or COUNTRY, for you know not who you are!  To be a Citizen ‘of’ means to ‘belong to.’ Do you belong to the STATE or do you belong to the Creator? You cannot serve two masters! You must choose one or the other. When you claim to be a Citizen of anything other than the Supreme Creator you have abandoned your true Master and Creator as well as your divine status as Beneficiary to the original grant and your divine inheritance promised by your Creator.

The Creator tells us ‘Thou shalt not kill!’ Yet your UNITED STATES openly sanctions assassinations, death penalties and abortions! The United States has been engaged in perpetual war, death and destruction since its inception and all paid for with your good faith and credit. If you are not objecting then you are willingly funding the death and destruction of the UNITED STATES all the while you claim to faithfully follow your Creator!

The Creator did not say “Thou shalt not kill, unless ……” He said “Thou shalt not kill!’ Period. When you fund the death and destruction of your UNITED STATES then you have claimed it as your master over your Creator for you cannot serve two masters.

The laws of the UNITED STATES are polar opposites of the Laws of the Creator. The one sanctions death and killing while the other strictly prohibits it. We are a tenant and steward of the Creator’s and peasants and economic slaves of the STATE. Jesus cursed the money changers while the UNITED STATES allows them to rule over the people.

The choice is simple. You can choose to belong to the STATE and collect the paltry benefits offered by the STATE or you can stand on your rightful status as a Citizen of the Supreme Creator and claim your divine inheritance. So, who are you? To whom do you belong? What master do you serve?


One Global Estate

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