Servant of the Servants of God

It has been said that the beast is an entity that has taken its power and authority to such an extreme as to supplant the lord. It is a universal law that the creation cannot rise to a level equal to or greater than its creator without consent. Man is the creator, lord and master over their legal fiction creations. They are a legal fiction creation of the mind of man and therefore forever subject to and subservient to man yet we have empowered them to rule over us. We have elevated them to the status of a man. We have given them the rights of a person. We have entrusted our divine estate to dead legal fictions for 2000 years and what has been the result? We now have an unfeeling administration that has taken its power and authority to such an extreme as to supplant the lord. We have extended them perpetual inheritable rights through succession. There may be a man operating the ‘OFFICE OF’ in each of these dead fictions but they cannot be held accountable for their actions.

The keys to the kingdom were entrusted to Peter who entrusted them to ‘pope’ Linus as Successor to Peter and has been passed down through 265 subsequent successors to this day. Each of these successors have taken their power and authority just a bit further to the extreme grabbing power and control not contemplated by Peter, nor Jesus.

Jesus instructed Peter to ‘Feed my sheep.’ He did not say; ‘I give you the power of a tyrant! Use it to exploit my sheep.’ Peter and his successors were to be servants! In fact a ‘servant of the servants of God’ NOT master over the people. The key words here are servant of the servants of God! The successor was to serve the people. The lord conferred upon Peter the keys to the kingdom and thus the power and authority of the lord to rule over the kingdom as a servant.

I suppose it depends on your vision of the Lord. Is He a tyrant having no issue with sending you to ‘burn in hell for eternity’ or an all loving all forgiving Lord who values the sheep who have strayed the farthest from the flock?

Clearly the papacy has the view of the Lord as a tyrant whose intent is to exploit His sheep. They have converted our status from servants of the Lord to their own servants and slaves to be exploited to satisfy their own lust for power and control. They truly have taken their political power and authority to such an extreme as to supplant their lord, the very definition the Catholic Church uses to describe the beast of Revelations!

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