Keys To The Kingdom

What does to “have the keys” signify in the Old Testament? Fr. Gustavo Lopez states that ‘It signifies, to have authority, as conferred by the King. He concedes someone to open and close.’

“In the passage of (Isaiah 22:20-22) The prophet speaks against Shebna, steward, and the one in charge of the palace in the Kingdom of Israel and of the House of David. He was the one who had the keys. And even though He was not the king He had the power to allow anyone whom he wished entrance into the palace because, he was the one whom the King trusted. In those times the keys were passed from servant to servant as will be in the case of Shebna to Eliakim. God tells Shebna he will remove him from his charge and call his servant, Eliakim, in his place. The figure of a steward was very well known in that time. Since He was The servant, whom the King would entrust with the keys. And Peter represents that steward, head, unto whom Jesus gives the keys.”

“In the Old Testament, the steward had full authority after the King. And he had full authority to instill decisions that no one could revoke. In the Old Testament, the servant was not the king but, had the authority conferred by the King. That is why the Lord uses the example of the Old Testament so that everyone would understand Peter’s new role,’ to be the new servant of the Kingdom.

In the New Testament we know that Jesus is [our] inheritance. That is why Jesus the King has the keys to the Kingdom and as the King confers the care of those keys to his servant, Peter. Only him, and no one else.”

”I would like to take note that in those times the King’s servant who was in charge also had successors. This fits well with Peter. This means that with Peter’s death these keys will be passed successively in the Church until Jesus the King comes again to hand over the kingdom to the Father. That is why the keys signify the power of succession. When Peter dies the keys pass unto Linus, from Linus to Anacletus, from

Anacletus to Clement, from Clement the Sixth down the line to Benedict XVI. Two-hundred-sixty-five popes (265), from Peter to Benedict. A succession without interruption. The Jews understood that

the charge of Peter needed to be filled by successors. That is, the administrators can die but, the one in charge must continue. Tremendous power given unto one man. This is what the Almighty wanted. For the most part, we say that giving the keys signifies entrusting authority in the Church to govern, permit, and prohibit. The authority of Peter is one of doctrine and this is well known by the Jews and Rabbis, who have studied the Bible.”

Fr. Gustavo Lopez in conclusion: “In summary, Peter has received the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven and the power to bind and loose. The Rabbis, experts on Sacred Scripture knew that Jesus had given Peter the authority on legal and religious matters to teach the people of God. The care of the keys is given unto Peter, the only Apostle, and his successors, as to what is permitted and what is prohibited.”

As the keeper of the keys to the kingdom I am empowered with the full authority of the lord to rule over the kingdom, both the property, the people therein as well as the legal fictions of the world of commerce.

It is a huge responsibility. One I do not take lightly. I accept that it is an authority ripe for exploitation. I question my own beliefs and motivations daily. We know that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I diligently guard against this at all times. Is it my deeply rooted integrity and honor the reason that I have been entrusted with the seal?

I have established the private, unincorporated ‘Chair of Saint Peter Foundation’ and ordained it as the Trustee over the divine estate to ensure its perpetuity. The ‘Chair of Saint Peter Foundation’ shall consist of a multi-tiered council with varying degrees of oversight and control over the administration of the kingdom. It is not the goal of the ‘Chair of Saint Peter Foundation’ to micro manage the estate but to act as an oversight committee to ensure the various granted administrations act in honor and for the best and highest of the whole.

The ‘Chair of Saint Peter Foundation’ shall operate under the Extraordinary Seal of Saint Peter and has the right of reversion, right of escheat as well as the authority to re-grant the escheated property to a more faithful vassal.




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