Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction

“You may as well pretend to pluck a beam from the sun as to touch a fibre of ecclesiastical jurisdiction.”

William Blackstone states that “The pope became a feudal lord; (over church owned property) and all ordinary patrons were to hold their right of patronage under this universal superior.” We know that in 1213 King John gave his entire kingdom to the pope for the salvation of his soul. Although the pope then Granted the kingdom back to King John under a well-documented feudal grant, ownership remained in the pope. It is said that the sun never sets on the British Empire and includes every territory conquered or merged thereto in perpetuity.

We know in feudal law the ‘king’ has the right to rule over the land and the people therein. The ‘king’ is the sovereign and the author of the law as well as the court. In 1302 Pope Innocent issued papal bull Unam Sanctum declaring the papacy’s power and control over all people. We see his claim that: “We define that the Holy Apostolical Seat and the Roman Pontiff hold principality throughout the world.”

We see that the pope claims his power and authority as the Successor to Peter. Having the Keys to the Kingdom signifies having the full authority of and conferred by the king; Our Creator.

The church claims: “The authority given to St. Peter and his successors, by the [empirical] power of the Eternal King, excels all power of earthly Kings as it passes uncontrollable sentence upon them all.” Bull of Sixtus V., 1585 and describes the Successor to Peter as: “The Great Priest, the most High Pontiff, the Prince of Bishops is, in primacy Abel, in government Noah, in patriarchate Abraham, in order Melchisedec, in dignity Aaron, in authority Moses, in jurisdiction Samuel, in unction Christ.”

“It is altogether of the necessity of salvation that every human creature should be subject to the Roman Pontiff”

I understand that, for some, this is all very difficult to accept! For years I have heard the profound rebuttal “I am not subject to the pope!” absent any evidence whatsoever to support their rebuttal. I have heard, “It is not true because I do not believe it.” Denial of the truth makes it difficult, or impossible, to find a solution. A remedy cannot be created out of a fiction but must be based on truth.

I am not religious but rather a spiritual man who chooses to believe that every religion is grounded in the natural law even though buried in layer after layer of dogma. It is the dogmas that leads us astray and is used to control the believers.

There is a great deal of evidence to support the claim that the world operates under the original feudal relationship established by the Creator in Genesis of the Bible. Whether the story told in the bible is fact or fiction may well be debated for eons to come. It may well be that our global political structure is based on long standing traditions rather than any actual legal construct. Eventually, tradition becomes the accepted legal construct upon which one must operate in order to obtain an acceptable remedy.

So it is that the pope has become the one world government with oversight control over the whole. This is a fact that we must all accept before any hope of a remedy will exist.

One can argue that our Founding Fathers successfully TOOK America from the Crown and the Vatican, but a great deal of evidence exists to counter that theory. We can see that the constitution was never signed but rather was ‘witnessed’ by all of the signors! Not one signed the document actually executing it. It never became a valid, executed document needing to be witnessed. We see that the Treaty of Paris, which included the king and the pope, gave rise to the constitution. Why was the pope involved in that treaty? And, is it coincidence that the constitution protects private contracts and made treaties the highest form of law, thereby protecting the pope’s claim? Is it also a coincidence that the Saint Peter’s Basilica Shrine in Washington, DC is the resident agent for the corporate United States?

FDR’s New Deal began with a ‘national day of consecration.’ Consecration is the solemn dedication to a special purpose or service, usually religious.

Before FDR’s New Deal the United States had territorial jurisdiction over land actually owned, ceded and accepted to them even though they had an feudal grant from the king and pope for the entire land mass. They had a feudal right to rule over the lands and people of their fief, but that would be too obvious to the people that a fraud had been committed. FDR tricked the people into pledging/dedicating their property and labor to some special, maybe religious, purpose.

FDR converted all of the American people into enemies of the state, as in a military conquest, thereby gaining jurisdiction over all of the land and the people therein thereby legitimizing their rulership over the entire grant as issued in the Treaty of Paris in 1783.

We are so quick to label them corrupt and criminals. Maybe we need to take a step back and see that maybe they are operating on some perceived right that has been kept secret from us. Feudal law provides them the authority to do exactly what they have been empowered to do. Sort of!

Yes, sort of! There is one key flaw here that promises to provide us a remedy.

If we can accept this principle for a moment we can see where it provides us with a more than acceptable remedy! It is certain that our claims that they are all corrupt and criminals has not yet resulted in any remedy! We have operated under this assumption for decades to no avail.

The City of London is the banking arm of the Vatican while the United States has become their military arm. Military arm? How did the United States become the military arm of the Vatican? I have seen no commercial nexus between the United States and the Vatican, other than the Treaty of Paris whereby the United States could have become the military arm of the Vatican. Sounds a great deal like feudal law. Did our founding fathers trade our military services for a grant to the land mass known as America?

The great Lateran Council, 1215, declares—” The Pope may depose Kings, absolve their subjects from their oath of allegiance, and give away their kingdoms.”  The pope has the authority to depose kings, absolve their subjects from their oath of allegiance, and give away their kingdoms, as in re-grant their kingdoms to a more faithful tenant? Like in feudal law?

Just a thought!


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