A Plan to Resolve the 1933 National Banking Emergency

& Emerge From Receivership

United States District Court of the District of Columbia


Suit in Equity filed 1/11/2019

What Will The Plan Do For America?

The American People Conveyed Their Sovereign Authority With Their Property

The Plan to Resolve the National Banking Emergency for the Redemption of America will provide America:

  1. An immediate, steady and continuous reversal and Discharge of the debt, dollar for dollar, via set-off against funds held in trust in our name by the Custodian as mandated in section 50 USC sec 4307(e) beginning immediately with a complete redemption in seven (7) years;
  2. Rid America of the Federal Reserve Banking System;
  3. Providing the release and return of the net earnings (asset funds) to the people for the use of their good faith and credit, as mandated in Sec 4320 of TWEA;
  4. Release Trillions of U. S. Treasury Certificates into the American economy; and,
  5. Begin the Transition from:
    1. Federal Reserve Notes/ Federal Reserve Bank (debt instruments);
    2. To: United States Treasury Certificates/U.S. Treasury (asset funds); and,
  6. Returns the sovereign authority back to the American people!

FDR’s New Deal must have seemed the perfect solution to the long-suffering American people ready to grasp anyone or anything that promised to end the extreme poverty they had been experiencing through the depression and they trusted FDR.

The people unwittingly pledged their property and labor to battle the issues of the day having no idea as to the long-term consequences. They had no idea that that they were pledging the property and labor of their children and grand-children to what would become a perpetual emergency.

The ‘Pledge’ of FDR’s New Deal became a mortgage on the property and labor of the American people effectively assigning/conveying the people’s sovereign authority to the Custodian of the Alien Property along with their property, to hold in trust. It is this sovereign authority that the United States wields on our behalf and our property that is being leveraged and placed at risk under the ‘Pledge’/mortgage agreement.

It is this mortgage that the Federal Reserve Banking System has used to economically enslave America and the world

The TradingWith The Enemy Act, TWEA, as amended by the Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933, effectively placed America into receivership. The Federal Reserve Banking System, as the alleged creditor, gained power and control over, not only the property and the sovereign authority of the American ….

people, but absolute economic power and control over the American people themselves.

He who controls the currency controls the people!

With the fine guidance of the Federal Reserve Banking System, the United States has administrated America, our property, into a $20+Trillion debt, on which the American people pay an annual interst. Not once in 85 years has the Federal Reserve Board of Governors or the United States offered a plan to resolve the national banking emergency. Because it is the property of the American people

that is at risk an effective Plan to Emerge from Receivership is critical. The United States has administrated the affairs of the American people under a national banking emergency for over 85 years and NOT ONCE has anyone offered a plan to resolve the emergency and emerge from receivership. Each and every year, as the debt becomes more unsustainable, it is our property (America) that is at risk!

A default on the debt would leave America vulnerable to the economic vultures of the world and/or a territory of China and is NOT an option!

The time has come for the American people to redeem our country, our property and our sovereign authority from the grips of the Federal Reserve Banking System!


The President is Listening and wants to hear from you!

Is Redemption of America good for the United States?

Is America ready to Redeem America from the Federal Reserve Banks?


With Every Mortgage There Exists A Right of Redemption

The ‘Pledge’ effectively conveyed the right, title and interest of the American people in the land known as America to the Custodian of the Alien Property for the use of the United States under the authority granted them within The Trading With The Enemy Act (TWEA). The Custodian of the Alien Property, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the President of the United States are co-trustees over the property and are bound by fiduciary duty to the beneficiaries. (The American people)

Within The Trading With The Enemy Act (TWEA) congress provided us a Step by Step guide for the Redemption of the property including congressional mandates to the Custodian to:

  1. Pay to the rightful owners the net earnings (interest and dividends) on the property held in their name;
    1. All charges/debt against the account includes all debt private and Public;
    2. Public debt includes all bonds/indentures/funds, etc. created against your good faith & credit by the United States;
    3. Private charges/debt include home mortgages, school or auto loans, credit cards, charges of public policy violations;  provide a Full Acquittal and Discharge of all charges/debt against the account(s) via set-off against the property/funds held in trust;

TWEA is a Statutory Gateway to Equity & Redemption

  1. TWEA establishes the venue (U S District Court) and jurisdiction (Equity);
  2. TWEA sets forth the conditions precedent necessary for gaining standing;
  3. TWEA is the ‘sole relief and remedy’ for the redemption of the property.  

Like A Time Capsule

The entire process, detail for detail, for the redemption of the property was authored and set in stone by congress in 1917 in the Trading With The Enemy Act and made pertinent to the property and labor of the American people in 1933. These details have remained hidden in plain sight for the past 100 years, like a time capsule, awaiting the appointed time to be revealed. The Genie is out of the bottle!

Contrary to Programing

Contrary to our programming increased taxation increases the number of debt instruments to be redeemed rather than reducing their numbers and can never satisfy or zero the debt. Discharge is not a matter of robbing Peter to pay Paul as the funds already exist in the set-off accounts designated specifically for discharge of the debt. These funds are awaiting the return and claim by the Beneficial Owners.

The United States operates on a fiat currency. A fiat currency has no intrinsic value. Fiat currency is no more than accounting ….

Digits on a screen. Fiat currency gains its perception of value through a collective agreement. Fiat currency is no more than a method of ‘keeping score’ [I have more than you and therefore ….]

Actual discharge of the debt is a simple and painless accounting process complex only in its scale. The funds already exist therefore it is the simple process of merging the receivables with the payables, the assets with the liabilities to zero the accounts.

The Custodian holds both sides of the account and has a fiduciary duty to settle the accounts ONLY UPON the completion of the required conditions precedent: the filing of a Notice

of Claim in the form and content as directed.

In processing your claim Treasury must complete a full accounting so that the account can be settled, discharging all debts and charges against the account, both public and private. Can you imagine an America free from debt? Can you imagine yourself free from debt?

The Net Earnings on your account are asset funds and NOT debt instruments and thus cannot be distributed via the Federal Reserve Banks. These asset funds provide the substance for the conversion from the Federal Reserve

Banking System of fiat currency to the U. S. Treasury distributed Treasury Asset Certificates.

The Net Earnings, asset funds, are made available to the Claimant dumping $100s/Billions into the American economy for the funding of special projects, new technology development, infrastructure and/or humanitarian projects ushering in a world of abundance and prosperity.

Most Importantly

The Redemption of America will Break the Chains that have bound America to the Federal Reserve Banks for the past 85 years while returning the sovereign power and authority to the people where it belongs.

One Global Estate

Private Redemption Site

Having uncovered the TWEA statutory Gateway to Equity, we at OneGlobalEstate.com have developed all the necessary documentation to fulfill the Conditions Precedent providing you standing to access the private set off funds and a comprehensive plan for the Redemption of America to include pre-screening and pre-processing valid claims for digital submission to Treasury and the Federal Reserve Banks on your behalf.

Redemption of America is a Private, NOT A PUBLIC Transaction, therefore OneGlobalEstate.com is a private membership site designed specifically for the execution of the Redemption of America. We provide you with the background research data as well as keys for successfully extracting yourself from the commercial matrix through the TWEA Gateway and a peaceful and abundant life in America after Redemption.                 Visit us NOW at  OneGlobalEstate.com